Due to a lack of ATCS, the Norfolk Southern S-Line is one of the few mainlines in the state of North Carolina that lacks the benefit of ATCS Monitor. This, in turn, means that the primary means of tracking traffic along the line is by radio monitoring and word of mouth.

This project has the eventual goal of providing radio streaming coverage for the entirety of the S-Line between Asheville, NC and Salisbury, NC.
These feeds will bring the benefit of listening to radio traffic in a much larger coverage area without the need of personal hardware. It would also allow some slight future proofing in case Norfolk Southern installs ATCS on the line, as the feed hosts could very easily also become ATCS receive server hosts.

The purpose of this website is to provide an easy source of information and updates for those interested in the project. Current status of feeds, project progress, and various related files will be shared and distributed on this website.

Thanks for your interest in the NS S-Line Radio Feed Network!